Why Digital Marketing matters for Photographers?

As a photographer or one who has a photography business I know you must be knowing the efforts, it takes in getting a customer. With the advent and flooding of even amateur photographers and newbies into the market, who call themselves as so-called efforts, it becomes quite difficult to distinguish in the world. We all know, it is the age of lack of attention and with the attention span so less, how would you get someone to call your business or book your services? Fear not! All the marketing principles that are applied in the other industries can be applied to this industry, as long as the willingness is there to do so. There is a resistance by many to market themselves, which is a shame since, a true business will always market themselves as leaders, rather than being mediocre.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of digital marketing for your business and why should you implement it? I would be sharing with you some quick digital marketing strategies.

But wait! You might be asking what is Digital Marketing? We will get to that right away and much more…

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is basically the form of marketing, which makes use of an electronic or digital medium to promote any goods or services, depending on the industry.

Digital Marketing is also known by other pseudonyms such as internet marketing or online marketing, and one should not get confused by these terms, which might pop up on the internet.

Just a word of warning! Sometimes people think Digital marketing is more of Digital, rather than marketing, which is absolutely false. Marketing will always continue to exist and will be of the same value as it has been before for centuries.

Why Should I as a photographer do digital marketing for my business?

This question might come into your mind. I would accept that. But can you remember any time, when you had to find a brand, when did you last use a landline or print media to find that brand or communicate with them?

I am sure you must have looked up them on the internet or search engines like google. Or it could be searching on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

With the spread of the internet so broad nowadays, every business is being expected to have an online presence, as more people can look up and call them. It builds up their brand and a customer or lead will have a better look at what goes inside the business.

That’s why having an online presence is extremely important for any business nowadays. Sadly, it hasn’t as rapidly as the growth of the internet. Also, most of the businesses, who have an online presence have really not done a good job in getting and acquiring the customer.

Digital Marketing is an extremely vast field but with the same goal at the end of the mind, to build up brand awareness and to acquire more customers.

To sum it up, Digital marketing is necessary for your Photography business as you would have a much wider reach. Not to forget an advantage that digital marketing gives, which is that it lets even small businesses advertise and in some cases even beat the bigger competition. With the normal print media, that would be highly unlikely.

This is really good for the case in a country like India, where digital marketing still hasn’t hit the same boom as many other countries. You can easily leverage digital marketing to stand out among the competition.

What are the different ways in which one can do Digital Marketing?

There are a wide variety of ways in which digital marketing can be done. We will talk about the few, which are relevant and most important channels for digital marketing when it comes to Photography businesses –

  1. Search Engine Optimisation
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Paid Advertising ( Pay Per Click platforms )

Let’s talk about each of these in brief.

Search Engine Optimisation( SEO )

It is the process of improving the rank of your website or your blog by doing a variety of optimization so that the search engine can rank it higher compared to the other competitors.

You must have seen on google, whenever we type a query, some search result always comes first. That is because of search engine optimization and can be owed to a variety of optimizations one has to do with a website.

SEO is a game of long term and it might not see instant results. But when done diligently, the results far outperform the paid advertising. It is much better if both of them are done together.

Remember if your website ranks on top of google, it would get at least 70% of traffic that searched for that query.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing involves the use of a social media platform to promote your business and to build awareness about your brand and your business. Some of the social media platforms which are the most popular are

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Linkedin

Email Marketing

Emails are still one of the most used ways of communication and have a much higher open rate when it comes to social media posts. That’s why Emails are still a very effective way to market your business and products, as long as the messaging is right and it is not intrusive.

One word of advice, never send an email to someone who hasn’t subscribed. You need to build a list of emails, the ones who actually have subscribed to your business on some of the platforms.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing, where you give someone else commissions for selling your products. The promotion is done by affiliates, who are usually being paid as per performance since affiliate payment is done per sale. It is a pretty great way to boost your sales in case you are selling photography portfolios or stock photos.

Paid Advertising ( Pay per Click)

It is a form of marketing where you pay the publisher to be able to get you more website visitors or store visitors or visitors to your link. Usually, in this form, you pay the publisher per clicks received, and hence the term ‘ Pay per click advertising ‘. The most common platforms where PPC advertising can be done are google, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

So, What’s Next?

Since we have talked about the basics of digital marketing and why you need it, let’s get down to some quick-fire marketing and digital marketing strategies, to begin with.

Here are some of them —

  1. Focus on a niche. Nobody likes a generalist. When you focus on a niche, you can stand out among others and you will have a clear idea of who the audience will be.
  2. Have an online presence. Have your own brand and a website of yours. Social media is good but never rely on social media for it. Build a website of your own and keep on updating it with valuable content. Content and value are extremely important. Have an opt-in page to make sure your visitors could leave their emails. This helps build your customer list.
  3. Have a constant presence on social media and be authentic about it. Never try to fake it as it doesn’t last forever. Make sure to be able to direct your visitors to your website and have a link to your website in your social media profile.


These are some of the tips I believe could help you in getting better results. I hope you found this article valuable. Let me know what you think of it.


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